5 Common Air Conditioning Problems and Solutions

An air conditioner’s performance can be assessed based on air quality, temperature, and humidity. Air conditioner manufacturers usually make rugged and durable systems working flawlessly for an average of 15 years or sometimes even 20 years when it is maintained properly. But if yours is not functioning correctly, try these solutions listed below first. Then, if this doesn’t seem to solve the problem, contact your nearest air conditioning repair in Buffalo.

We Have Listed The Most Common Air Conditioner Problems Along With Their Solutions

AC Doesn’t Start

Check the batteries in the thermostat if the air conditioner turns off unexpectedly. Replace the batteries if they are dead. If the batteries are still fine, make sure that the thermostat is set to cool mode. Also, check the circuit breaker and fuse of your AC if the thermostat is working fine. Flip the circuit breaker on, or if the fuse is blown, replace the fuse. If the problem persists, you may want to consider calling an air conditioning installation in Buffalo, NY.

Air Isn’t Cool

Even when your AC is turned on and is set for cooling mode, you may feel too warm due to several issues. If you haven’t lately changed your air filter, now is the time to do so. Then double-check that the thermostat is calibrated for the correct temperature settings. If you adjust your thermostat to the coldest setting and still don’t feel any change, you might need a new one. Moreover, check the refrigerant levels too.

The Uneven Temperature At Places

Leaks in ductwork, insufficient insulation, and clogged vents are the most common causes of temperature changes in a home. Make sure the vents of your duct are open, clean, and unobstructed throughout your home. In addition, areas with south-facing windows may feel much hotter than rooms with different direction windows. If that is the case, cover the windows with blackout curtains during the hottest time of the day. Another option is to have a separate zoning system installed in your home, which allows you to manage the temperature in particular areas.

Water Dripping

Check to see if the condensate tube is clogged. If it is blocked, flush it out with compressed air, as directed in the instruction manual. If refrigerant leaks from the drain line, your house will feel warm, and ice will develop on the coils, causing water to drip. Switch off the AC and let the ice thaw on its own if any component of it is frozen.

Strange Noises

If the blower motor starts making unusual sounds such as squealing or screeching, the belt must have become faulty. Lubricating the oil port could solve the problem. Also, a smacking noise that sounds like something is hitting the bicycle spokes generally means that branches or leaves obstruct the blower fans. Clean out the blower fans, and the noises will stop.

Consider the warranty of your air conditioner while you are solving these issues. Changing air filters and other such simpler tasks may not be a problem but do not attempt to fix any technical issue because it may void your warranty. If unclear, contact a good HVAC contractor in Buffalo such as Zenner & Ritter for all your HVAC needs.