5 Signs Your Furnace is Begging for Repair

furnace repair service in Buffalo, NY

As we get ready for the spring, Zenner & Ritter Inc. wants you to make sure your furnace is well maintained so it can run for its full lifespan. If you might need furnace repair service in Buffalo, NY, check these signs to be sure:

Sign #1: It’s been A Year or More Since You Cared For Your Furnace

When was the last time you had a certified technician look at your furnace’s performance? If it’s been a year or longer, your furnace is due for an inspection and cleaning.

Sign #2: You Smell a Gas Leak

Dangerous carbon monoxide kills Americans every year. If you smell gas, turn off the gas supply valve to your furnace and call for immediate help. Open windows near the area to increase ventilation and avoid using matches or lighting fires until it’s fixed.

Sign #3: There’s A Water Pool around Your Furnace

Water leaks are less dangerous than gas of course, but they are still a problem you shouldn’t ignore. Usually pooling water is a sign of a condensate line clog that an experienced HVAC technician should fix.

Sign #4: Strange Noises

If you’re hearing banging, thumps, or scraping sounds, your furnace may have a part wearing out. Don’t ignore this sign; waiting could result in a more costly, larger repair.

Sign #5: Low Airflow to Vents

When you hold your hand up to a vent and can barely feel air coming out, you should get a technician to check on your furnace. It could be a fan belt or motor problem causing the air to slow circulation.

Sign #6: Energy Bills on the Rise

When your utility bills are going up and your usage habits haven’t changed, your furnace is using more fuel than in the past to heat the home. This is a sign something isn’t working right. It could be leaky ductwork or several issues at once inside the furnace.

Sign #7: Your Thermostat Isn’t Working

When you have to turn the thermostat higher and higher to get it to start heating, your furnace needs a repair. The thermostat might not be working because of an electrical issue, but it could also be something within the furnace needing a repair. Any time you’re dealing with an electrical issue, the risk for shock is reason enough to leave this work to a professional.

furnace repair service in Buffalo, NY

Sign #8: The Furnace is always running

If your furnace is constantly cycling without being able to heat the home, not only is it using a lot of energy, but it’s not working effectively and putting a lot of wear on parts in the process. Problems could run from a clogged filter to improper air circulation.

Sign #9: The Furnace Is Burning Out

Even good furnaces break down over the years with normal use. If your furnace is over 12 years old, is probably has some areas where it’s worn down. With an average lifespan of about 15 years, repairs can help extend that lifetime to around 20 but sometimes furnaces need to be replaced as early as 10 years. Do the math to decide if a repair makes sense over replacement.

Furnace repair in Buffalo, NY will save you dollars down the road. Call Zenner & Ritter Inc. today at 716-833-2463.