Air Duct Installation & Repair Service in Buffalo, NY and Surrounding Areas

cleaning-air-ducts-000026907519_smallIf you need to have an air conditioning system installed, make sure that you choose a type that is suitable for your space. We at Zenner and Ritter can provide you with expert advice on the matter. If it’s for a fairly small room, then we recommend getting a ducted system, as this is compact and has just the right amount of cooling power. The settings are easy to adjust by the room’s occupant.

Duct Installation

Our company provides both air duct installation and repair. Installation is divided into two parts: the indoor and the outdoor units. The indoor unit contains the air handler and the thermostat. It is quite easy to find a space on the wall for this given its small footprint and sleek profile. As for the outdoor unit, we’ll make sure that it is positioned optimally for excellent efficiency. The two will be connected by a tube that will facilitate the flow of air and refrigerant.

Duct Repair

If you already have a ducted system, then let us be the ones to provide you with repair services in case you encounter issues with it. Our technicians are professional yet friendly. They will respect your property, your time, and your privacy. Schedule an appointment and be confident that our team will arrive on the dot to commence repairs. You may also call us for emergency services and we’ll mobilize our resources right away to bring you relief.

Zenner and Ritter

No other HVAC company in Western New York can boast of having more than 80 years of service to the community. Our longevity speaks volumes about the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers. You can also count on us to provide fair prices.

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