Does Your Furnace Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced?

furnace repair service in Williamsville, NY

Did routine maintenance fail to make your furnace work like normal this go around? Replacing the filter and cleaning all the debris that has accumulated on the unit is definitely important, but there’s going to be times when your unit is going to refuse to work like it should. It could be a number of reasons like broken parts, faulty ductwork, or a big mass of dirt and lint clogging up the system. No matter what it is, your problem is more than likely going to be a simple one to fix. That’s unless you’ve put off routine maintenance, your furnace has gotten pretty old, or the problem is just too big and now you need to replace the whole thing. Let’s dive deeper into the most common repair jobs, and when you need to replace your furnace instead of doing a furnace repair service in Williamsville, NY.

The Most Common Repair Services That Furnaces Like Yours May Need

A common phrase we’ve heard since we’ve been in this business here at Zenner & Ritter is that if you have to turn up your television because of the noise your furnace is making, then you need to call us! This could be due to a wide variety of common problems that many furnaces normally undergo. It could be a broken thermostat, electrical ignition problems concerning the pilot light, a damaged limit switch due to a clogged filter, or frequent cycling (meaning that the unit is turning on and off). However you probably do not have the eye or the technical know-how to detect these things. That’s okay as it’s our job to come and inspect furnaces for these sorts of problems! More than likely, if your furnace is still fairly new and the repair costs are less than a third of buying the unit, then you don’t need to replace your HVAC unit.

furnace repair service in Williamsville, NY

When Replacing Your Unit May Be Better Than A Repair

If your heating bills have gotten a lot higher, your HVAC unit is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, or if the repair costs are just not worth it, then it may be time to get a new unit. As long as you’ve had the necessary furnace repair services in Williamsville, NY performed in the past (or as soon as possible), you still have a chance of avoiding the costs and labor of finding the right furnace for your home. There’s just no possible way of knowing what needs to be done until an HVAC technician like one of us here at Zenner & Ritter comes to inspect it.

We’ve been working here in this area for a very long time so we’re well acquainted with how the harsh winter weather can put a lot of wear and tear on your unit. We’ll check and see what repairs you need, how difficult or simple the job will be, and whether you should go ahead and find another furnace. Please call us today at 716-833-2463, for furnace repair in Buffalo and we can discuss tune-ups, repairs, replacements, and even if you qualify for financing if you need it.