Furnace Installation Service Tonawanda NY

What Will the Right Furnace Installation Service Do For the Customer?

We understand that homeowners take a new furnace installation seriously. At Zenner & Ritter Inc., we make sure each customer gets the attention and care that they deserve. With over 80 years in the business, we know what to do every step of the way. Here’s what we offer as the premiere Furnace Installation Service Tonawanda NY.

Evaluating the Home’s Heating Needs

Our team will visit the home and go over every square inch. The goal is to make sure the furnace chosen will provide the most energy efficient heating solution. We’ll pay close attention to the square footage, the number and placement of windows, and even the insulation around the duct system.

Discussing the Installation Process

We want our clients to understand what the new Furnace Installation Service Tonawanda NY will involve. Nothing is left out of the conversation. Along the way, we encourage customers to ask questions. Our goal is to ensure that the client is comfortable with the installation process before we get started.

Testing the System

We don’t install the new furnace and walk way. Before the job’s done, our team puts the unit through a series of tests.

Expect us to check the connections, gauge the amount of energy the furnace is consuming, and make sure every control setting is working. If there are any minor adjustments that need to take place, we’ll complete them and check the furnace again. The job isn’t done until we know the unit is working exactly the way it should.

If the old furnace is not likely to make it through another winter, now is the time to take action. Call us today and we’ll have a member of the team out to talk about replacement options. Before long, the new furnace will be up and running, and the house will be comfortable no matter what the winter brings.