Get a romantic spring at home with a few easy ideas

Zenner Ritter

Make your home an ideal place for spontaneity, fun, and new memories with your spouse this spring with some of these creative ideas from Zenner & Ritter Inc. We are excited for spring and ready to see the weather warm up. These ideas will help make your home an inviting place for you to enjoy together.

  • Plant some new starts together. Show pride in your home together and spend some time adding curb appeal. Think of this project as an investment in welcoming each other home each day. Would you want to drive up to a house full of weeds and dead flowers or see a yard that glows with vibrancy and fresh blooms? Just seeing a bright and neat front entrance will set you both in a good mood as you get home. Stop by the gardening store the night before planting to pick out some springtime plants. Use the morning to line your front door walkway with bright flowers. Remember to stay comfy by using knee rests and gardening gloves.
  • Declutter your life. You might want to take this one room at a time because it can be time consuming. Reducing clutter in a room makes it easier to relax. It also restores the intended purpose for the room and cuts out distractions. Let’s say you pick the kitchen. Clear away bills and knicknacks, purses, and car keys. Remove any kitchen appliances and objects on the counter you don’t use on a weekly basis. Less on the counter makes more room for cooking a meal together and showcases the room. Once you’re done, get some takeout and a bottle of wine to celebrate. Tomorrow morning, you’ll be restored and ready to make some awesome omelettes together!
  • Plan an indoor movie night. Use the living room as a mood setting place to relax. Chose a movie that reminds you of first meeting, it could be something you watched on a date early on or something you both have always wanted to see. Plan fun snacks to enjoy with the movie. Make a fruit and cheese plate or stick to classic popcorn and a beer for a lighthearted time inside.

Zenner Ritter

  • Keep each other cozy. Even though a furnace doesn’t sound romantic at all, it affects your mood every day. You both need to feel comfortable to be happy at home. Get a furnace installation service in Lancaster, NY to install a new model or tune-up your furnace as a home investment in happiness together.
  • Freshen up the bedroom. Now that winter is almost over, it’s time to put away the hot blankets and heavy fabric comforters. Wash these items along with sheets and fold away the heavy stuff into your linen closet. It’s a great time to change the look of your bedroom to a more relaxing style. Look for a lightweight cotton duvet cover to give your bed a new look and invite comfort.

If you need furnace installation service in Lancaster, NY, give Zenner & Ritter Inc. a call today at 716-833-2463. We can help bring that everyday comfort to your home.