Heat Pump Maintenance Items

Heat pumps are highly effective in keeping a home warm during the winter months. In order to ensure that your heat pump is efficient, you will need to conduct heat pumps maintenance service items. Here are a few maintenance tips to adhere to and to keep your heat pump in working order.

-Air Filters

You will want to replace your air filters on a regular basis when the heat pump is in use. If the air filter is dirty, it can affect the efficiency of the heat pump and it can even damage the heating system over time.

-Program Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can save electricity when you program them to keep the heat lower when you are not home. Using the thermostat can save the heat pump from working too hard.

-Check Air Ducts

Check the air ducts for leaks at least once a season. Any leak will waste energy and cause the heat pump to work harder. There are air ducts all over any home and leaks can pop up at any time.

There are some maintenance items you can do on your own, but you will also want to have heat pump maintenance service done at least once a year by seasoned professionals. Zenner &Ritter has served Buffalo since 1930. Our family-owned business offers reliable services at affordable prices. We hire seasoned professionals who can guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of your heat pump. It is a good idea to get the heat pump checked prior to the heating season every year so you are not stuck out in the cold in the middle of the winter. We will run maintenance services and thoroughly check your pump so we can anticipate any problems that might arise and save you on costly repairs later. Call today to schedule an appointment for heating and cooling in Buffalo, NY.