Radiant Floor Systems Can Warm Cold Winter Mornings

Have you ever awakened on one of those cold, snowy winter mornings that Western New York is known for and wish that your feet didn’t have to freeze as your make your way to the bathroom to get the day started? You don’t have to. As Buffalo’s premier home services company, Zenner & Ritter can make not only your mornings more comfortable but your entire day with the installation of one of our environmentally friendly radiant floor systems.

How Radiant Heating Works?

Chances are you have heard of radiant heat but don’t know what it is or how it works. At its simplest, radiant heat is a system of tubes that run underneath your flooring to deliver heat that radiates up through the floor into a room.

Types of Radiant Floor Systems

Our crews install two types of radiant heating systems: those powered by electricity or a second option that heats the floor through hydronics or hot water.  Both systems use a series of cables or tubing running underneath your flooring to heat it to the desired temperature. Of these types, hydronic heating is more popular because of the high cost of electricity makes that option cost effective primarily when radiant heating is installed over concrete slabs.

Radiant Heat is Energy Efficient

Radiant heat is energy efficient because heat radiating up from the floor is  even with no pockets of cold air. There is little heat loss as the warmth does not have to travel through ducts, which results in a tremendous amount of heat loss. Simply feeling the heat along with less energy loss allows you to turn down your thermostat and further reduce your costs.

Call Zenner & Ritter for a Consultation

Our radiant heating experts at Zenner & Ritter will be happy to come out to your home to further explain how floor heating systems work and how they can save you money. Call us today at 716-833-2463 today for a no-obligation consultation.