Reliable Backup Generator Operators

Electricity in a unique and surprising way is an inherent part of our day to day life. Since its creation, humans have heavily relied on electricity due to its numerous functions and the manner in which it makes living easy. From cooking, ironing of clothes, manufacturing operations, charging of mobile phones and gadgets, to countless other operations, constant electricity supply helps in our everyday life.

We at Zenner & Ritter understand the importance of electricity in our daily dealings and know that there may come a time when there is power outage or failure due to blizzard, thunderstorm or any other unpleasant circumstances. That is why we offer automatic standby generators service, Buffalo NY and its surroundings.

Our Company’s Activities

We install standby generators and automatic transfer switch for our clients in their various buildings, existing wiring. Whenever the system senses the flow of utility power or power outage, within a few seconds the automatic transfer switch smoothly transfers your building’s selected appliances and circuits to backup power. And once the standby generator senses that utility power is back online, your building is automatically returned to utility power and the generator shut down until when needed again.

Results and Feedbacks

We at Zenner & Ritter are renowned for our vast experience for over 80 years on installation and maintenance of automatic standby generators service, Buffalo NY. We deal in Briggs & Stratton, G.E. and Generac generators. We know the importance of regular maintenance of generators as advised by manufacturers, so we are readily available and reachable to offer our professional services to our clients.

Contact us today to schedule an installation or maintenance service any time of the day. Our services are quite affordable and reliable; this is obvious from the feedbacks we get daily and our ever-expanding customer base.