The Only Furnace Repair That You Should Consider

furnace repair service in Hamburg, NY

The current market is saturated with HVAC companies. Finding the best furnace repair service in Hamburg, NY can be a tiresome and gruesome process. We at Zenner Ritter have the experience of over 80 years, and we are the leading HVAC company in Hamburg. Established in 1930, our staff consists of well trained and experienced technicians. To meet your needs we offer the following services:

  1. A/C services

During the summer the heat and humidity can be unbearable. It is for that reason you need an A/C to ensure that there is cool, comfortable air in your home or office. In order to meet your A/C needs, we offer a variety of services with respect to ensuring you have maximum efficiency from your A/C. These services include:

  1. Replacement of A/C
  2. Repair of A/C
  3. Preventative maintenance and service of A/C
  1. Heating services

During the winter season temperatures can get pretty low. Our dedicated and well-trained staff will ensure that you continue having maximum comfort. We make your home and your commercial enterprise remain warm all throughout the year. Our services include”

  1. Repair services for your boiler and heater
  2. Installation of boiler and heater
  3. Replacement of boiler and heater
  4. Heater maintenance
  5. Tune-up of heaters
  1. Indoor air quality

In our current society, there is a lot of air pollution. For your health, it is of great importance that you have an efficient indoor air quality system. We at Zenner Ritter understand that you need high-quality air. Being a premier service provider of HVAC, we provide a variety of services to ensure that the quality of the air in your household and business enterprise is of great quality. Our range of services for indoor air quality includes:

  1. Cleaning of air duct
  2. Repair and installation of air duct
  3. Installation of thermostats
  4. Installation of dehumidifier systems
  5. Installation and repair of UV lights
  6. Maintenance of air filtration for the whole house
  1. Plumbing and hot water installation

Since our incorporation in 1930, Zenner and Ritter have been the leading name and most trusted company for Hamburg residents for all of their heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. Over the years we have continued providing quality services to our clients. In addition, we also provide both plumbing services and hot water tanks services.

furnace repair services in Hamburg, NV

  1. Ductless systems

We have adopted the modern use of ductless ACs and ductless heaters. Our experts will guide you through the whole process which involves picking the correct system and proper installation of your ductless system.

Emergency services

Machines tend to break down at the most unfortunate times. Our experts offer excellent services, whether it is furnace repair services in Hamburg, NV or plumbing. Get in touch with us and we will send our staff to help you and return you to your normal comfortability.

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