UV Light Installation and Repair Service in Buffalo NY and Surrounding Areas

happy-father-lifting-his-laughing-little-girl-playfully-000062320404_smallImproving the indoor air quality in a home or business premise should be a priority for any property owner. This is because poor air quality can cause respiratory conditions, reduce employee productivity, or make a home less comfortable. While the air filters in the HVAC system can easily remove dust from air circulating in the building, getting rid of airborne pathogens is much more difficult. For instance, if someone in the building has the flu, the virus will spread and infect other people who breathe the same air. Ideally, the virus should be removed by the HVAC system, but that is often not the case.

UV light installation in Buffalo, NY can help keep the air circulating in the room healthy and free of airborne pathogens, such as viruses, bacterial and fungal spores, among other things. At Zenner & Ritter, we have a lot of experience offering IAQ services. We can install UV lamps in your HVAC system to help improve indoor air quality.

How UV Lamps Work

UV lamps are normally installed inside the air ducts or near the evaporator coils of the air conditioner. These are two parts of the HVAC system that come in direct contact with all the air circulating in the building. UV lights have for years been known to be able to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, among other types of microorganisms. That’s why they’re used in manufacturing facilities and hospitals to sanitize machinery, tools, and equipment. Since UV lights can also be harmful, careful installation is needed to ensure that they work flawlessly.

Why Choose Zenner & Ritter?

We have been in the industry since 1930, which means that we have the experience, expertise and knowledge needed to perform proper UV lights installation in Buffalo, NY.

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