What Temperature Should I Set My AC At This Summer?

Buffalo, NY isn’t known for its hot weather, but it can get surprisingly hot and humid in the summer. You might be tempted to set the thermostat as low as you can stand it, but doing that would send your electicity bill skyrocketing. So what is the ideal temperature to set your thermostat to in summer? Read on to find out.

The Best Temperature to Set Your Thermostat in Summer is 78 Degrees

The U.S. Department of Energy suggests that you set your temperature to 78°F. This temperature will keep you cool and while keeping your energy bills from burning a hole in your wallet.

Using Your Air Conditioner Also Lowers Humidity Levels

Now you might wonder how this affects your home’s humidity level, as we have determined the temperature you should set this summer for your AC units. Humidity is significant to your discomfort when keeping your AC at higher temperatures. The increased humidity in the environment makes it harder for your sweat to dissipate so that you can be much hotter even when moisture is absorbed. 

The reduction of relative moisture in the home is one of the key tasks of an air conditioner. Make sure your device isn’t too large for your home while relying on your AC to deal with the humidity. In the summer, the EPA recommends an ideal moisture level of 30% to 50% to prevent mold and plagues, which will help make you more comfortable throughout the summer heat. If you wish to save some burden from your air conditioner, a dehumidifier might assist you in getting low humidity.

Save Money on Your Electric Bill by Programming Your Thermostat

While increasing the temperature of your thermostat while gone can save you a lot of money, only a few individuals remember to alter the temperature each time they enter the house. Fortunately, you can do this with a clever or programmable thermostat, ensuring you live in a comfortable environment without missing a chance to save. Programmable thermostats let you, based on factors like your daytime at home and when the house is vacant, set different temperatures and forget about it.

You can configure your AC to start to cool down 30 minutes before you arrive and make sure that the interior is comfortable when you enter. They can even help adjust moisture levels by pushing the button to show relative humidity by many programmable thermostats. In this way, it helps you to be more comfortable.

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