Why Summer Is A Surprisingly Good Time For A Furnace Installation Service In Lancaster, NY

Zenner and Ritter Inc.

“We were able to save more than we thought, get a better furnace than we expected, and get the job done when it worked for our schedules” – words from a satisfied customer who recently had a new furnace installed

The weather’s finally letting up for summer, so why would you install a furnace knowing you aren’t likely to need it for months? Let’s get straight to the benefits of installing a new furnace in the late spring and early summer months.

  1. You know the condition of your furnace. Now that you’ve just experienced a winter with your old furnace, you have a clear idea how it performs. You know if it’s aging and lagging in performance so you can plan ahead.
  2. You can save money on furnace models. Supply and demand work in your favor when you install a furnace in the warmer months. You’ll have a large selection to chose from with motivated sellers. The more pricey, top of the line model furnaces are still left over in inventory. Manufacturers want to get new models out for 2018 so you can get a better deal buying this time of year. You’ll benefit from the best offers for manufacturer’s rebates and sales by looking in late spring and early summer. You may be able to afford a higher AFUE-rated model than you thought possible with these savings.
  3. You can schedule an appointment that fits your needs. As we near the end of spring, the rush for air conditioning services hasn’t started. That means the technicians at Zenner & Ritter Inc. have more availability. This is also the best time to get ductwork cleaned out or repaired.
  4. You’ll be worry-free when it comes to heating your home. Next winter, you’ll be ready to simply turn up the thermostat and enjoy comfortable heating. You’ll immediately start saving money on energy costs with the more efficient heating system installed and you won’t have to worry about breakdowns. That means taking control of the situation and planning ahead. Instead of starting the season to realize you need an urgent replacement, you can spend time with family.
  5. You can focus on the holidays. Entertaining, gift-giving, and celebrating with family get to be the focus again. Instead of waiting around for a technician on a busy schedule while you have your own errands to fill, you can take care of them. We know you have more shopping to do, more cleaning to prepare your home for entertaining, and more events than any other time of year. Why not be ready with furnace installation service in Lancaster, NY already done?

Start planning ahead with the confident and friendly help from Zenner & Ritter Inc. From installation to giving you all the details on rebates and warranties, we make the furnace installation service in Lancaster, NY an enjoyable experience. Call us today at 716-833-2463 to get started.