Why You Don’t Need Boiler Coverage To Save On Repairs

Zenner and Ritter Inc.

Regardless of how long you’ve had your current boiler, originally the manufacturer or installer probably tried to offer you some form of coverage when you bought it, right? All over NY, HVAC companies try to make bigger profits by encouraging all local residents to invest in coverage. While we do get some very cold weather in the winter and offer membership programs to our customers to help them manage the cost of any repairs, we also think the most important part of a service company, is just that and let’s be real summer’s right around the corner and you might still need a boiler repair service in Buffalo, NY – it’s not gonna be cold shower weather for too long! Take a look below at the solutions we offer to help you save on your future boiler repairs, with advice from our expert technicians on what to expect and how to avoid “empty” fees.

Hiring A Certified Professional Costs less Than You Think

Most people get coverage out of a weird sense of obligation, but when money’s tight we know the small protections are the first thing to go. At Zenner and Ritter, we’ve heard from customers that their previous stand alone boiler coverage cost more annually than it did for us to come out and do a boiler repair service in Buffalo, NY or other western NY zip code, with all parts and labor included! When you buy coverage from an insurance company or your boiler’s manufacturer you’ve got no real way of telling the kind of service you’ll be getting if you do end up making a claim. At least when you deal with an independent company direct, you can get an accurate picture of their services, previous work, and expertise from reviews, web pages and industry certifications. As well as licensing, insurance and technical qualifications which every contractor should have on their staff ID and clearly visible on any contractors you sign. Always inquire about the fees and check the list for each item billed, as hidden fees like “membership activation” “standard call out rate” or “annual service payment” are empty points that bill you for things you’re already paying for!

Premium Products Come With Better Benefits

Lots of retailers and insurers alike offer standard coverage for any type of boiler, heating or hot water pumps. It sounds good at first until you think about it about it a little more… So what that means is the technician sent out to do your repair isn’t necessarily highly skilled when it comes to your system. When you come to us for a boiler repair in Buffalo, NY we’ll do repairs based on the manufacturer’s specifications and optimize your system for peak performance. We only stock premium brands to ensure quality and many of those parts come with deductions and warranties of their own.

Good service these days sadly isn’t offered as standard but we think it should be. Call us to schedule your boiler repair today on 716-833-2463