Top 5 Benefits of Furnace Maintenance Before the Winter

As the temperature in Buffalo, NY, goes below the expectation, the homeowners continue to rely on their heating system to stay comfortable and warm throughout the season. The best way to ensure your heating device’s efficiency and reliability is to schedule preventive maintenances. The best time to schedule a maintenance service is during the fall, before turning on the system. If you think regular maintenance is unnecessary, think again: cleaning your system can help you detect numerous underlying problems and save on heating repair.

Additionally, frequent heating equipment maintenance has many benefits. If you need our heating system maintenance in Buffalo, NY, contact Zenner And Ritter Inc. to schedule a service.

Five Benefits of Heating Maintenance 

It Saves Energy 

A neglected and dirty heating system works harder than necessary to maintain the temperature in your home. During a maintenance appointment, our HVAC technicians will perform several vital operations, including:

  • Lubricating all the moving parts
  • Cleaning and changing the air filters
  • Tightening the loose connections
  • Inspecting the ductwork
  • Calibrating the thermostat

and more

Each of these tasks helps your system run smoothly while reducing energy use and lowering the monthly heating bill.

It Increases Comfort 

A malfunctioning heating device is a burden for you. Not only it fails to maintain the desired temperature in your home, but it also hurts your pocket through frequent heating repairs. Plus, an inefficient heating device is uncomfortable for your health.

It Enhances the Air Quality 

The air generated by your heating device passes through the air filters and air ducts while spreading throughout your home. If the filters or the air ducts are dirty and clogged, you will get contaminated airflow throughout your house. During a maintenance service, our service technicians clean the clogged air filters and dirty components of the system so that you can get better indoor air quality than ever.

Additionally, cleaning your air filters and air ducts helps you and your family stay away from allergies or asthma.

It Extends the Equipment’s Lifespan 

When you maintain your heating device frequently, your system works in a stress-free manner. A clean and lubricated furnace can last longer and beyond its expected lifespan. At Zenner & Ritter Inc., we recommend scheduling at least two heating maintenance services to avoid frequent furnace repair and ensuring that your system will run at its peak performance.

It Improves Safety 

A clean and well-maintained furnace system produces a minuscule amount of poisonous carbon monoxide. Whereas a dirty or malfunctioning system can produce a much higher concentration of this deadly gas. As a part of our heating maintenance plan, our technicians inspect the connections and the burner conversion along with the heat exchanger. They ensure that all the parts of your system are in good working order, and you are in a safe environment with your system.


The experienced and licensed team of professionals at Zenner & Ritter Inc. takes care of your heating and cooling in Buffalo, NY, with affordable and reliable services. If you are ready to schedule a heating or furnace repair in Buffalo, NYcall us and make an appointment today.