On a cold winter day, there is nothing more blissful than watching the snowfall from the comfort of your warm home. When the wind lashes up snowdrifts, you are glad that your furnace keeps you warm throughout the night. To avoid frequent furnace repair in Buffalo, NY, and to keep your furnace at its running and working condition, you must know how your furnace works. The furnace Installation Buffalo NY process can be checked below:

The Basic Heating Cycle of the Furnace:

Your furnace follows a simple heating cycle to heat your home:

  • In the burner, natural gas (Propane) is ignited
  • The metal heat exchanger gets heated up by the flames and exhausts out of the flue
  • The incoming air receives the heat from the heat exchanger
  • The heated air is forced into the ductwork by the blower to be distributed throughout the home
  • The return ducts draw the cold and dense air back to the furnace and fill the room with warm air

What Are the Components of a Furnace?

There are many components inside a furnace that work together to keep you comfortable and warm. There are different types and models, but every furnace will have some common apparatuses like:


This is a switch activated by temperature. When there is a requirement of heat, the thermostat instructs the control board inside the furnace to begin the heating cycle.


The air from the home environment is drawn into the burner to mix the gas for combustion. Modern furnaces have induced draft fans, which make the combustions leaner and fuel-efficient. The fan also directs the warm air to the heat exchanger from the burner.


It is like a gas grill. Furnace burners direct the gas through them and burn it. A flame sensor, igniter, and a gas valve work together and control the flames.

Heat Exchanger:

There is a bunch of metal tubes inside the heat exchanger. The burners heat those tubes to warm the inside air. Along with the gas combustion, the metal tubes get hot and transmit the radiant heat to the passing air. Any leakages in the heat exchanger may cause combusting gases to leak inside the house.


The blower directs the air coming through the return ducts into the heat exchanger. The ductwork of the home then spreads the warm air inside the house.

How to Choose the Best Furnace to Install in Your Home?

With the various types of furnaces and multiple models, you may feel like a confused entity if you are left to choose only one among many. Though the primary working mechanism of most of the furnaces is the same, selecting the best one for your home is necessary. At Zenner & Ritter, we help our customers choose the best furnace based on their preferences and specifications. Every consumer has different criteria when they plan for new furnace installation in Buffalo, NY. Our technicians make all the effort to respect your individual inclinations.

A perfect furnace is the balance of brand, performance, cost, and the current setup of your home. While a home with ducts would not prefer ductless models, someone with a fixed budget will not look for a high performing furnace. The best part is that everyone can have the best-fitted furnace when Zenner & Ritter has taken your factors into account. With years of industry knowledge in all available brands, our technician helps you choose the perfect furnace for your home.

Professional Services for Furnace Installation in Buffalo, NY

If you have any requests regarding the installation of a new furnace or repair of an existing one, Zenner & Ritter is the go-to HVAC company for you. While buying your new furnace, we help you with consultation and make the process of the system installation quicker and more efficient. We prefer evaluating the current environment of your home or where you want your new furnace installation. For an existing system repair, we thoroughly check your furnace and detect the root of problems to fix them and bring your furnace back to normal.

Sign Up for Our Annual Furnace Maintenance Plan

If you are a new buyer or have an existing furnace installed at your home, you need to maintain both. At Zenner & Ritter, we believe that maintaining your furnace is the best way to keep away the urgent requirements of furnace repair in Buffalo, NY. Our trained and licensed technician will guide you about our annual maintenance services. Having a problem with your furnace, or want to improve your home comfort?

Along with the furnace repair, We also offer air conditioning installation buffalo NY with the complete process and finishing.

Zenner & Ritter Inc. is also the perfect HVAC contractor buffalo area. You can call us today at 716-833-2463. to know more.