Residential Ductless Heating Systems in Buffalo, NY and Surrounding Areas

manual-worker-000016110771_fullResidential ductless heating system is suitable for both old and new homes. There is no need to install expensive ductwork. A ductless system allows you to take advantage of new eco-friendly technology in your home. These systems have many smart features that you can control easily with a remote control. A ductless unit provides heating and cooling at less cost than a traditional HVAC system. These devices are energy efficient and easy to use. Products of this type are available in a wide range of options in terms of size, capacity, features, and functions.

Cut Costs With Efficiency

Residential ductless heating system can be installed for one particular room or the entire house. A ductless heater is a great option to improve comfort while keeping the operational costs low. This type of system provides heating at a fraction of the cost of wall heaters and electric baseboards. The ductless device distributes warm air evenly and quietly. Make your living area more comfortable for your family members. Install a ductless heater that is inexpensive and easy to use. It is a good choice when you want to replace or supplement an existing electric heater system. Replace your old energy inefficient electric heater with the new efficient ductless heating system. Call us now for more information on products available in this range. We offer personalized services to all customers.

Energy Saving Benefits

A ductless system consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. There is no need to install both indoor and outdoor units for every room. Depending on its capacity, a single outdoor unit can be connected to 1-5 indoor units. You will receive reliable heating and cooling after installing a ductless system. Enjoy superior comfort, zoned heating, and energy saving benefits. A ductless heater reduces energy use by 25-50 percent compared to a resistance electric heater. Call now for free estimate of ductless heating system installation. Our technicians offer customized solutions according to your specific heating needs. A ductless heating system takes just a few hours to install. You can start enjoying the warmth of your ductless split system on the same day of installation.

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