AC Maintenance Service in Buffalo, NY and Surrounding Areas

ac maintenance serviceAir conditioners normally run 24/7 throughout the hot summer months. These machines work extra hard to keep indoor spaces cool and comfortable when temperatures are high. To ensure that the machine does not break down unexpectedly for one reason or another, effective AC maintenance is needed. At Zenner & Ritter, we know all the important areas to work on when servicing an air conditioning machine. Founded in 1930, Zenner & Ritter has over 8 decades of experience in the industry. Therefore, you can expect the best possible maintenance services.

What to Expect with Maintenance Service

Even though your air conditioner is “working,” it may not be operating properly, safely, or at peak potential efficiency.  Our team of AC maintenance experts is made up of certified technicians who have a lot of industry experience. They normally start the maintenance service by inspecting the outdoor AC unit as well as the associated indoor components.  They will look out for unusual noises and test the responsiveness of the machine to different temperature settings. If everything is working fine, the team will inspect the electrical components in the outdoor unit, including the starting apparatus.  Next, moving parts, such as fan motors and the compressor, are evaluated for signs of wear and tear or leakage.  A megohmmeter can be connected to evaluate system windings and provide early warning problems or possible failure.  If appropriate, an advanced refrigerant manifold will be connected to evaluate the pressures and operating efficiency of the system.  Your technician will determine if the amount of R410a or R22 refrigerant in the system meets manufacturer specifications.  This service not only helps to preserve your warranty coverage but also improves the overall efficiency and longevity of your air conditioning system.

Make Your Cooling System Last Longer

Our team will also check all the electrical connections in the AC unit and replace any cables that are worn out. Once the maintenance job is complete, you can expect the system to operate quietly and perform better. The energy efficiency of the system as well as indoor air quality in your home will also improve significantly. More importantly, however, the cooling system will break down less often and last longer than it would have without maintenance.

Be sure to contact our team at Zenner & Ritter to schedule a maintenance service for your air conditioner in Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas.