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How to Keep Your HVAC Unit Bug Free?

Finding bugs in your equipment after some years of a new air conditioning installation in Buffalo, NY, is probably the last thing you want to think about. The good news is that keeping bugs away from your HVAC unit is not a difficult task. And you can follow a few simple tips to do that:

Fill Any Gaps or Cracks near Your Equipment

We already know that cracks and gaps can develop in your household, especially around the doors and the windows. These gaps and cracks become the pathways for the bugs. If this is also happening around the edges of your HVAC equipment, bugs can easily slip right into your system itself. Call an HVAC contractor in Buffalo or fill those areas by yourself to fix the problem.

Check Your Ductwork

The ductwork at your home is an easy way for insects to enter your system. If your equipment has any tear or gap formed in the ductwork, it can be inviting the bugs. Like the tip above, you need to fill the problem areas and check for loose joints in areas where corrosion or rust has occurred. It will simply lower the exposure to these pests.

Control the Vegetation Around the Condenser Unit

Bugs love vegetation, and you must be aware of the fact. If there are trees, flowers, grass, or any other type of plants near your HVAC system’s outdoor unit, the bugs can easily make their way into your HVAC equipment. You need to be safe, and thus you must follow this simple step. Keep your outdoor unit away from any kind of plant. It is always better to keep 3 feet of clear space around your outdoor unit.

Install Screens for Your Outdoor Air Vents

If your air vents don’t have screens, the tiniest of critters can bump into your house. Using a mesh screen to cover the entire vent can do wonders to keep insects at bay. You spend a much lesser amount than an air conditioning repair in Buffalo while buying a screen for your outdoor unit and trust us, they are highly effective.

Keep Your System Clean

A dirty and clogged system becomes home for bugs and insects. No need to say that they eradicate your system with time. The worst part about those insects is that they are hard to notice until your system faces a complete breakdown or loses any component. Clean the air filters frequently and clean the outdoor unit to keep the entire system away from those bugs.

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