My furnace broke down in the middle of winter- I asked a few friends for referrals and Zenner & Ritter was mentioned by more than one friend. So I called them and they came out within a couple hours. The tech was extremely nice and friendly. After his recommendation to replace the furnace, I did so with Zenner & Ritter. (BTW he was not pushy, he basically said that I need to replace it but I can go with anyone I choose for the new furnace)! He recommended surprisingly the most cost effective one, which I trusted and went with. (Many companies would try to get you to get the most expensive product and be pushy about it). This tech was not, which I appreciated. After I chose what I wanted, they were out the next morning installing it. So far, works well. All the techs that came out were really nice. Spoke to Nathan from Z&R on the phone, very nice and professional.

Would definitely recommend. After speaking with Nathan, I am confident that if any problems arise, he’d make sure his customer is happy. Thank you Nathan and to the techs who helped me out at Z&R!