Furnace Installation Service in Lancaster NY

After installing a new furnace, changing the filters regularly is one of the most important maintenance tasks to do. Today, different kinds of filters are available to suit different systems and requirements.

Filter Types

Disposable filters – Most filters used in HVAC machine vents are made of fiberglass and cardboard. They are disposable and must be changed at least once in two months.

The filters prevent unwanted materials from getting inside the house and reducing the efficiency of the system. The more you use your machine, the more allergens the device will catch. When it becomes totally clogged, it does not work well.

Reusable filters – Reusable models are made of more durable materials such as steel or aluminum. These filters are generally available in a wide range of dimensions and can fit an array of system vents. A reusable filter can be cleaned easily with a garden hose or a vacuum cleaner.

Electrostatic filters — These filters create a static charge when air passes through them. The charge causes the airborne particles to be drawn to the machine like a magnet. This helps trap mold, dust, fungi and other allergens and is several times more efficient than the regular disposable device.

You can choose the filter that best suits your system requirements. A certified and knowledgeable technician can help you pick the right filter for your machine and also guide you about how to maintain it to make sure it works well and lasts as long as possible.

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