Michael Pastrick

Today Dave Zawislak of Zenner & Ritter resolved a significant problem with the plumbing in an upstairs bathroom at my home. Dave’s work was superior, and never again will I use a plumber other than Dave. Hopefully after reading this neither will you.

Earlier this year my wife and I contracted to have an upstairs bathroom remodeled. That job was performed by a bathroom contractor, and at the end of that project we experienced what the contractor thought was a leak in the drain of the bathtub. The leak damaged part of the ceiling beneath that drain, which is in our laundry room, and the contractor removed a large part of that ceiling to fix what he thought was that leaky drain.

The ceiling remained “open” for about a week as we waited for the contractor to return to finish the job. I eventually resorted to finishing the ceiling drywall work myself, and in the meantime the hot water tank in our basement failed. As the adage goes, when it rains it pours, and at that point my wife and I decided to contact a professional to install a new hot water tank.

Our search for a quality plumber led us to Zenner & Ritter, and they sent master plumber Dave Zawislak to our house to perform the job of installing the hot water tank. Dave was punctual, clean and highly professional, and he efficiently and effectively installed our new hot water tank.

During that job my wife prevailed upon Dave to look at what was then our open laundry room ceiling and the plumbing therein. Dave was kind enough to do so, and he warned us that the contractor’s job looked slipshod. Based on what he saw, Dave though that there might be other problems with the contractor’s work.

Unfortunately, Dave was right. After patching the laundry room ceiling, I painted the laundry room. In the course of painting that room I removed the cover of the light switch therein. Fortunately, my wife happened to be showering in the newly-remodeled bathroom at that time and, after removing the light switch cover, I noticed water dripping into the light switch gang box. That dripping caused me to inspect my basement, and there I saw that the water had continued past the light switch through the floor and had puddled in the basement.

At this point I called Zenner & Ritter and asked that Dave return to my house to solve the leak problem. Dave did so today, and as noted his work was excellent. Dave quickly determined that the dripping at issue flowed not from the drain of the bathtub, but from the showerhead of that unit. Dave fixed that leak, and he explained that the showerhead was installed improperly and not tested by the contractor before the wall of our newly-remodeled bathroom was closed.

More importantly, after finding the leak in our shower, Dave was careful to test the water lines between the showerhead and the drain, and that prudence paid off. Through that testing Dave identified two additional leaks and quickly and cleanly solved those problems. In doing so, Dave expertly communicated the nature of the problem and provided a detailed explanation of the proposed fix and the additional expenditure of time necessary to close each leak before efficiently solving each problem. Dave was also kind enough to provide advice beyond the scope of his plumbing work with respect to our remediation of the damage caused by the leaks.

To the extent you seek a plumber that is professional, timely, courteous, efficient, well-spoken and, most importantly, a master at his craft, look no further than Zenner & Ritter’s Dave Zawislak. I could not be more appreciative of or impressed by his economical resolution of what was a very vexing problem in my household. After this experience, I will never contact a plumber other than Dave. I hope he is the first and only plumber on your list as well.