Space Heaters Installation Service in Buffalo and Western New York

Space heaters can be the ideal solution to heating less-toasty areas of a home like basements and enclosed porches.  The assumption in using them is that they are more energy efficient than using the central heat to try to heat the same area. Unfortunately, if they are used as “comfort” heat on top of a central heating system they may actually use more energy, not less.

When to Use Space Heaters

The Department of Energy advised that space heaters are less expensive if you only heat one room or use them to supplement a room’s inadequate central heating.  Central heating systems are still the most cost-effective method when used for a whole house or business.

Models of Space Heaters

Space heaters may be powered by electricity, natural gas and propane gas.  They vary in size, BTU rating and function.  They emit heat differently and the differences are in the way the heat is transferred to the surrounding room.  Models of space heaters include:

  • radiant space heaters (infrared space heaters): heat objects in order to heat the surrounding air
  • circulating type space heaters (“blue flame” space heaters): have a visible blue flame and warm the air with it then circulate it to surrounding people and objects.
  • Wall mounted space heaters: those that can be attached to a wall.
  • Vented/unvented space heaters: The former draw air from the outside for combustion while returning flue gases back to the outside and the latter operate within a single room using its indoor air for combustion.

Space Heaters Installation Service

In Buffalo and the Western New York area, if you have a room or rooms that could benefit from a space heater to provide more heating comfort, Zenner & Ritter Home Services is the service to call for efficient and professional installation services.  We carry only industry-leading heating and cooling equipment plus our technicians are highly trained craftsmen who will provide a top-notch installation of your new unit.

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