I’m very pleased with Z&R from the initial contact up to now with everything installed and running. We didn’t even know we qualified for the NYSERDA deal where they basically pay for half of all energy star systems you get installed. Earl (the point man) explained everything very clearly, was helpful with questions and was a great guide through the NY State rebate maze. As for installation; they said, “two guys, two days” and that’s pretty much it, though it was, in reality, two guys and one and a half days. These guys /go to work/! They introduced themselves, and went, immediately, into the cellar and started the job. These are true professionals, they adapted the furnace, A/C, and tankless water heater on the spot to the buildings shape and size and did so in a way that was efficient, clean and uncluttered. If your rushing to find a quality outfit with knowledge that will hold your hand from start to finish…go with Z&R.